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  Municipal Commissioner

  Mr. Chandana Tennakoon
      Telephone : 081-2223921
Fax : 081-2223921
  Mobile : 071-7810990 
  Message of the Commissioner
    The historical Senkadagalapura, Kandy city is a World honoured city which is internationally and locally famous as the second capital city of Sri Lanka and the capital of Kanda Udarata Kingdom.
      The Kandy Municipal Council situated in such world honoured city provides residents of the Municipal area all services from maternity clinic service before birth to cemetary and cematorium services after death. Out of the services, main services are Solid Waste Management, Water supply. Maintenance of Roads, Health and Sanitary Services, sports and Entertainment activities, fire Services and welfare Services.
        Thus, the Kandy Municipal Council Web site was launched with an intention to provide services rendered to the people living within the Municipal area by the Kandy Municipal Council more efficiently and expeditiously through modern technology. By that it would be able to gain knowledge about the services provided by each department and division of the Municipal Council and accordingly, to know about the procedure to be followed up by the service recipients to fulfil their requirements.
      Accordingly, I intend that this web site is supported to provide more efficient and qualitative services to the service recipients through achieving of the vision of Kandy Municipal Council themed "An attractive city that leads through good Governance nourishing the heritages."
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