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       ATD Form
  •   Library Service
       BOP Application Form
  •   Ayurvedic Drug Service
       Gully Form (Within KMC Area)
  •   Panch Karma Service
       Gully Form (Without KMC Area)
  •   Special Clinic (Acupuncture goitre and diabetes) Service
  •   Reading Rooms Service
  •   Meternity, Child & Family Planning Clinic Service
  •   Cemeteries Service
  •   Crematorium Service
  •   Pre School Service
  •   Beeralu Training Centres Service
  •   Sewing Training Centres Service
  •   English Training Centres Service
  •   Dancing Centres Service
  •   Public Latrines Services
  •   Playground Services
  •   Public Park Service
  •   Community Centres Services
  •   Gali Service